Russia. A number of distributors are on the verge of giving up beer trade

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A quarter of the wholesalers may stop beer distribution. Based on its own data and information of trade unions “Opora Rossii” estimated that it happened because of the need to join the Unified State Automated Information System (USAIS).

Alexei Nebolsin, a member of the Bureau “Opora Rossii”, noted that beer distributors are afraid of high prices for software, the lack of specialists and other difficulties. He estimates that about 2500 of the wholesalers are ready to exclude beer from the portfolio, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises which account for about 12.5 % of all beer sold in the country.
“Vedomosti” reported that according to “Opora Rossii” assessment half of Russian beer sales is provided by 10,000 distribution companies which have no other alcoholic beverages in their portfolios (e.g. wine and vodka are already included in USAIS).