China. AB InBev has been revoked a license to use of land in Kunming

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On January 4, it became aware of the abolition of two permits for construction of AB InBev Brewery in Kunming, Yunnan Province.

The Jinning Council on land planning said that the Land Bureau and other departments of Kunming are accused of illegal land use. In this regard, Council withdrew the previously issued licenses to obtain land and for the construction of the brewery with a capacity of 100 million liters per year.

In 2011, a British company submitted an application for construction of the Budweiser project in Yunnan Province. In 2013 an investment agreement, worth 1.6 billion yuan, was officially signed. Commissioning of the project will bring an annual profit of 1.161 billion yuan. The construction of the brewery began in 2014.

The brewery was commissioned in April 2015. Since 2009, most part of the beer market is occupied by Carlsberg Company. The construction of AB InBev Brewery allowed to significantly expand its market share in China and to simplify the export of Budweiser beer to Myanmar and other Asian countries.