Vietnam. The volume of Sabeco beer exports reached $2 mln.

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The volume of Sabeco beer exports in 2015 is estimated at $2 mln, which is 22% more than in 2014.

The company has set specific goals for 2016. Sabeco plans to increase beer production to 1.49 billion litres, i.e. by 1.7% compared to 2015. The corporation hopes to increase the volume of sales by 12% compared to 2015 to 35.691 billion dong. It is expected that net profit will grow by 3.6% and reach 4.384 billion dong.

For realization of the desired goals Sabeco Corporation is focused on the maintenance and development of the beer market, increasing of its share in the premium segment and the satisfaction of tastes of young customers. The company is diversifying the production of the traditional groups of goods.

Furthermore, Sabeco plans to increase the export of beer in the foreign markets and contribute to the promotion of the brand on the international market.