Vietnam. Habeco has summed up the results of 2015 and shared their plans for 2016

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On 8 January 2016, in Hanoi Habeco Corporation held a conference where has summarized the results of their work in 2015 and shared the plans for 2016.

Nguyen Hong Linh, CEO of Habeco said that in 2015 the company managed to largely surpass the annual plan. The production value increased by 10.4% compared to 2014 to 9,964 billion dong and total sales increased by 9.6% to 11.033 billion dong. This, in turn, 0.9% more than expected.

The production of beer by Habeco in real terms rose to the level of 700 million litres in 2015, which is 5.9% more than 2014. The pre-tax profit reached 1.373 billion dong and this is 105.2% of the plan.

The corporation improves the quality of the beer and its image. Despite increasing competition, Habeco has set more ambitious goals, for 2016. The company expects to release 715 million litres and increase the production value to 10.79 billion dong.