Carlsberg has closed a third branch in China

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On 12 January, Carlsberg Brewery Holdings of Chongqing declared closing of its branch in Qianjiang. It was the third in series for the last 4 months.

According to the company representatives, the branch in Qianjiang did not contribute to the strengthening of the company’s competitiveness, its facilities were used poorly, and the maintenance was expensive. The brewery is located close to other Carlsberg plants in China, so its further existence is not reasonable.

In addition, Carlsberg in Chongqing declared closing of redundant enterprises and carrying out the reorganization of production, and about its intention to build a brewery in Lanzhou. Previously, the company has closed factories in Chongqing and Yongchuan.

Carlsberg is in severe recession and suffering financial losses, and the merger of AB InBev and SABMiller will change the situation on the market. Competition in the Chinese beer market is now enormous, so Carlsberg will probably seek to cooperate with local brewers to survive difficult times.