China. 20 million yuan to be attracted for the implementation of Panda craft plans in 2016

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Last weekend, Panda craft, a major producer of craft beer in China announced the receiving of investments in the amount of 20 million yuan.

As the founder of Panda Panding Hao stated, although the company should avoid external funding, but at this stage it is important to get money from institutional investors.

Last year, when SABMiller purchased a part of London Lager and London Pale Ale, the total growth rate of the beer market in the UK was 1%, while craft beer was 58%. Today it is a general trend for many countries.

The management plans to use 20 million yuan in two directions. The first is the need to create its own line of fermentation and filling. Furthermore, Panda plans to launch several new brands. The second direction is to promote Panda craft beer in China and abroad.