Russia. The range of alcohol in restaurants can be halved

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Since the beginning of the year, HoReCa establishments cannot resell alcohol purchased at retail, not at wholesalers.

Since 1 January 2016, with the expansion of the scope of the USAIS, the restaurants and cafes have lost the ability to legally purchase alcohol at retail stores and sell it. Igor Bukharov, the Chairman of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers, explained this to Izvestia.

According to him, the USAIS system allows the registration of alcohol purchase by catering only at the company-wholesaler. The alcohol purchased at retail trade for selling at the restaurant drops out of the accounting system and would be considered by competent authorities as counterfeit. Also, HoReCa establishments of the same network lost the ability to reallocate the deliveries of alcohol from one place to another.

Alexei Nebolsin, the representative of “Opora Rosii”, is convinced that the range of alcohol in catering could decrease by 30-50%. “HoReCa turned out to be the least prepared for the introduction of the USAIS. First, only on 16 December they received an official letter from Rosalkogolregulirovaniy informing that they, like the retail trade, have to connect to the system. Second, HoReCa unlike stores has never formed a large stockpiles of alcoholic beverages,” Nebolsin explained the reasons of the upcoming shortage.

The USAIS system has no possibility to account the purchase of a bottle sold in a retail store. Small regional restaurants and cafes that provide the diversity only due to the purchase of alcohol in retail have serious problems with the purchase of alcohol. According to him, there are restaurants where wholesale suppliers do not even reach.

According to the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers, alcoholic products take up 40-50% in the turnover of cafes and restaurants and 80% in the turnover of bars. About 3% of the alcohol is realized though the catering.

Rosalkogolregulirovanie reported to “Izvestia” that according to the rules of the USAIS, HoReCa, which is retail, did not have the right to purchase alcohol from other retailers before.
We remindl that the USAIS that has been implemented in the production of strong alcoholic drinks since 2006 to account the production of alcoholic beverages. The USAIS helps to control the charging of excise duty as well as impedes the implementation of counterfeit goods.