Thailand. Chang beer inks nationwide distribution deal in Cambodia

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Thailand’s Chang beer will fill more mugs in Cambodia after inking an exclusive distribution contract with the country’s Attwood Import and Export.

The Phnom Penh Post reported Friday that Lim Chhiv Ho, chairwoman of the Cambodian distributor of Corona beer, Johnny Walker and Moet Hennessey products, said the deal announced yesterday will help popularise Thailand’s leading beer to a wider Khmer audience.

Chang has long been available in Cambodia via private importers, but has never had a nationwide distribution deal.

Hong Chear, owner of popular Khmer BBQ restaurant in Phnom Penh, told the paper he usually only sold Chang to older customers.

“The new generation does not drink much Chang these days,” he said. “So it may not gain the same popularity after reintroduction to the market.”

Mr Chear said locally produced Cambodia and Angkor beers were most popular, but he could see Chang rivalling Singapore’s Tiger beer for the runner-up position.

For Attwood, Chang is replacing Heineken as its main beer product. The company was the sole distributor for Heineken until last summer when the brand’s Asia-Pacific branch bought Cambodia Brewery Ltd to distribute the brand.