Kazakhstan allowed selling of draught beer in PET bottles

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According to the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs (NCE) of Kazakhstan RK Atameken, Kazakhstan allowed to sell draught beer in PET bottles by the legislation.

The main producers of draught beer are independent enterprises. They sell their products in kegs through a network of specialized shops, where fresh beer is poured into PET bottles during the realization. Many customers in Kazakhstan prefer this beer more than mass brands in a glass bottle.

“To avoid further disagreements in the interpretation of legal norms and possible sanctions against the retailers, we initiated amendments to the legislation. In particular, we offered to introduce such concepts as “the purchase of alcohol products” and “draught”. These amendments of NCE sent to the Majilis, and at the end of last year they were accepted. Now, article 9 of the Law states that the turnover of alcohol products in plastic containers is prohibited, with the exception of beer and beer beverage. That is, the entrepreneurs should not have any concerns in this regard,” Renat Davletpaev, the head of the legal Department of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kostanaj oblast, told to the Tengrinews.kz.

We should remind, that in Kazakhstan, the ban on the sale of beer in plastic bottles came into force on 12 July 2014. Thus, according to the document, the turnover of alcohol products in plastic containers, bottles without labels, and tin containers is prohibited. The latter did not affect beer and low alcoholic beverages with strength less than 12 percent. The term turnover means export, import, purchase, storage, wholesale and retail trade.

It was reported that the ban disturbed the brewers in particular it revolted entrepreneurs of East Kazakhstan. The businessmen of Pavlodar said that they risk going bankrupt because of the ban on the sale of beer in plastic bottles. It was noted that the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of WSO will file a request with the Government for the State for help in solving the problem.