Vietnam. The retailers has sold twice as expensive beer during three days of the New Year

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The warming in the provinces of Nghe An and Ha Tinh has caused an increase in demand and prices of beer. The retailers managed to sell existing stocks of beer during the three-day celebration of the Tet (New Year).

According to a survey conducted in retail stores and outlets, the prices of beer have risen from 10 to 20 thousand VND per barrel. In the rural areas of Hanoi and Huda, where people buy more beer, the prices have risen from 15 to 30 thousand VND per barrel.

Representatives of many retail stores Vinh City (Nghe An) say that the cold weather before the New Year did not allow to make large stocks of beer and refill them during the Lunar New Year was very difficult. This led to shortages of goods, as demand for beer in the New Year has risen sharply compared to the previous period.

Besides the fact that the beer in Vietnam is a traditional New Year drink, weather factor was in play too. After a long period of cold weather, a long-awaited heat came in Vietnam, which contributed to active beer buying.