India. Communists ready for a debate on liquor ban with Catholics in Kerala

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CPI State secretary Kanam Rajendran has said he is ready for a debate with the Kerala Catholic Bishops Conference (KCBC) on liquor ban.

In a statement here on Wednesday, Mr. Joseph said the KCBC’s attempt was to make it appear that the CPI Party Congress had adopted a resolution, which it had not done. The Tamil Nadu unit of the party had submitted a resolution seeking liquor ban at the Party Congress. This was done in the context of the withdrawal of liquor ban in Tamil Nadu. However, the Party Congress had rejected the resolution. The party had also taken action against the persons responsible for publication of the resolution which had not been adopted by the Party Congress. The party had published a compilation of the resolutions adopted by the Party Congress. It does not contain the resolution mentioned by the KCBC, he said. Mr. Rajendran said the CPI had fully endorsed the recommendations of the Udayabhanu Committee. The party firmly believed that abstinence and not liquor ban would be more practicable.