Myanmar. Dagon Brewery launching a line of beer in cans

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Myanmar is a home for about 55 million people, including many beer lovers. Due to this, Dagon, as the second largest brewery of the country, is developing rapidly and the demand for its products is growing rapidly. In particular for beer in cans.

In this regard, the company plans to establish in Yangon (the largest city in Myanmar) a line for bottling beer in cans. The Krones company, the largest manufacturer of bottling lines will implement the new project. The package includes a full set of required elements of Volumetic can-filling system and Ferrum сanning technology. The capacity of the line is 24000 cans per hour.

After completion of the project of brewery’s re-equipment it will be the third brewery with similar packing equipment in South East Asia.

Dagon Brewery already collaborated with Krones in 2014. At that time, there was the line for bottling beer in glass bottles with production capacity of 28,000 bottles per hour.