“Impressive” statistics and the “pride” of Vietnamese

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Some local newspapers recently quoted the Vietnam Beverage Association (VBA) as saying that in 2015 Vietnam’s beer output reached 3.4 billion liters, an increase of 40.72% compared with 2010 and alcohol output (industrial production) of 70 million liters. (more…)

India. Naming Mallya wilful defaulter fraught with challenges, RBI role crucial

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Naming a borrower a wilful defaulter might be an easy thing for a bank to do. However, the real challenge lies in proving that the default was done wilfully, and in a banking system largely driven by paperwork for appraisal and monitoring, there is little a banker can do to establish the ill intent of a borrower. (more…)

Philippines. The language of beer

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If one were to distill objectively the brand essence of San Miguel beer, specifically the flagship Pale Pilsen, one might come up with such words and phrases as “pagsasamahan” (or its closest counterpart in the English language, “friendship”), and one might add “tunay,” to suggest that a real friendship as offered by San Miguel beer is one that will never let you down, one that you can rely on in both good and bad times. (more…)

India. Computer network to connect all liquor shops in Andhra Pradesh

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To bring transparency in the liquor trade and to curb the retail outlets from selling liquor over and above MRP (Maximum retail price), the Prohibition and Excise Department is mulling to integrate all the 4,000 odd liquor shops through a dedicated computer network. (more…)

India. Campaign against liquor shops in Tamil Nadu

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Makkal Athikaram, which has been spearheading protests demanding the closure of TASMAC-run liquor shops in the State, on Sunday urged the people to rise in unison to bring about an end to the liquor shops. (more…)