China. Midtown Shangri-La Opens with In-House Craft Brewery in Hangzhou

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Here’s a bit of trivia: Over 30 years ago, Shangri-La established its first China property in the dreamy, ancient Chinese city of Hangzhou. Now, meet the Hong Kong-based group’s second 417-room property in this very city, the Midtown Shangri-La, Hangzhou.

Situated in the mixed-use Kerry Central Complex in Xiacheng district, the interior design of the new 13-storey hotel strongly alludes to West Lake, Hangzhou’s scenic landmark attraction and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Displayed throughout the guest rooms are lotus flower emblems (the flower blooms in summertime along the lake), as well as pieces of the ice crack Ge Kiln porcelain that Hangzhou is famous for. In the lobby, a wavy chandelier twirls overhead resembling water ripples, while a traditional Chinese silk painting of the West Lake adorns the chi-chi setting.

In real life, the West Lake—surrounded by a fawning entourage of cloud-capped hills—is really just five minutes away from the hotel by foot.

But a visit to the vast West Lake need not leave one feeling like thirsty fish. Enter the new hotel’s in-house Midtown Brewery. Here, a resident brew master offers you a selection of specialty hand-crafted beers—think Ales, Pale Ales, Lagers, Porters and Stouts with a local twist—while waving various small plates of Asian tapas in your direction if you are so peckishly inclined. If you are really, really hungry, you’d find more substantial eats like grilled meats and comfort dishes. Thirst and hunger have no place at the tables here.