India. Alcohol content in beer being altered ?

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Complaints have surfaced over the increasing percentage of alcohol used in beer supplied in the district.

Though the Excise department is yet to receive a written complaint, there is a possibility that alcohol content in beers is being increased to attract more customers.

Sources said some beer parlours in Vadakara are under suspicion following the strange behaviour of patrons after consuming it.


Officials are clueless over how alcohol content in beer can be increased.

Excise Department officials say the procedures involved in the production and bottling of beer will never leave any loophole for the local suppliers to try any adulteration. The aerated bottles can not be opened for changing the alcohol content, but, it is possible at the point of local production units, they add.

A senior official of the Excise Department told The Hindu over the phone that the issue would be taken up for clearing public apprehension over beer consumption.

The officer also pointed out that the inspection and sample collection of the aerated bottles from the parlours would be a difficult task, but, it would be done to check the fact.

“We are very much aware of the attempts on the part of the illegal players to cash in on the trade following the closure of a large number of bars,” he said.