Russia. The Communists decided to remove the red star from the Heineken logo

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Vadim Solovyev, the state Duma Deputy and chief lawyer of the CPRF, proposed to prohibit to use a five-pointed red star by foreign companies for their trademarks and logos. The corresponding appeal to the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev will be sent in the near future, the MP said to the «».

“We’re going to send a letter to the government on the protection of our symbols, including the red star, the symbol of victory, which is on our battle banners,” explained Soloviev, “Because sometimes are used for commercial purposes, and the state must ensure the protection of state symbols from the commercial use by foreign companies.”

According to him, foreigners «have nothing to do with our symbols». First of all it is necessary to prohibit the usage of the red star for the companies of those countries that support international sanctions against Russia, Soloviev said. The MP explained that the restrictions will affect domestic companies «only if they intentionally distort the symbols and use them in the incorrect».

Red star is present in the logos of a number of brands. The most popular foreign goods «with a star» on the Russian market is the Heineken beer. The emblem is used by the company since the nineteenth century.

In Russia, red star is a part of the Armed Forces flag, which depicts the state emblem ― the double-headed eagle in the center of the red cloth, and four stars in the corners. The symbol is also used in the logo of the TV channel «Zvezda».