In 2015, the Chinese brewers have earned 189.7 billion yuan and plan to receive 37% more in 2020

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The operating results of enterprises alcohol industry: liquor, beer and wine industries were published at the last The Wine Society Annual Conference on April 13, 2015.

Beer industry is represented by 470 breweries, which have produced 47157.2 million litres of beer in 2015. This is 5.06% less than last year. According to the China Wine News, sales revenue of the brewing industry was 189,709 billion yuan, up1.52% compared to 2014.

The production and sales of beer brought 14.39 billion of total profit to brewers, which is 6.3% more than in the previous period. In 2015, 139 of all enterprises have suffered losses. A positive development in the industry was the decrease of 14.47% of the total loss for the brewers to 2.359 billion yuan.

According to forecasts of The Wine Society, in 2020 it is planned to increase beer production by 14.51% to 54000 million litres, sales revenue by 37.05%, and profit by 42.7%.