The Chinese prefer beer to other alcoholic beverages

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In 2015, the Chinese enterprises produced 64125.9 million litres of alcoholic beverages and 10167.4 million litres of ethanol.

Alcoholic beverages production includes: beer, wine, spirits and other. In 2015, the enterprises of the brewing industry produced 47157.2 million litres of beer, which is 5.06% less than last year.

The enterprises of the spirits industry produced 13128 million litres, increasing production volume by 5.07%. Wine production fell by 0.73% to 1148 million litres.

If you look at the production structure (excluding ethanol), the largest share belongs to beer industry – 73.54%. Beer is a product that the Chinese like the most. The production of spirits accounted for 20.47% of the total production of alcohol-containing products. Judging by the production structure, the Chinese drink wine a little. It accounts for only 1.79 % of the total production of the industry.