China. In 2015, Xinjiang Hops Co., Ltd. (part of Carlsberg Group) increased beer production to 325.7 million liters

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The beer production increased by 7.19% and reached 325.7 million liters. Company’s beer sales were estimated at 325.1 million liters, that is 6.78% more than in 2014.

According to the results of 2015, the net profit of Xinjiang Hops Co., Ltd. decreased by 66.06% compared to 2014 to 12.8153 million yuan.

In 2015, the operating income was 1.205 billion yuan, that is 6.43% more than last year. At the same time, the operating profit fell by 15.31% to 91.7287 million yuan.

Carlsberg Breweries Co., Ltd. is a main shareholder of Xinjiang Hops Co., Ltd., which operates through its subsidiaries: Xinjiang Wusu Breweries Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Lohas Fruits-Vegetables Beverage Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Hops Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Carlsberg holds 65% of Xinjiang Wusu Breweries shares.