China. April 2016 saw price cut for beer and wine after “holiday” price rise

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Despite the market premiumization, Chinese producers speak about, beer and wine, on the contrary are experiencing price fall.

According to Price monitoring center of National Development Commission People’s Republic of China, in April 2016, the average prices for beer in bottle of 630 ml decreased by 0.68% against March and returned to the figures of the year beginning.

Note that in January 2016, the prices for beer increased by 2.32% and went on growing till March.
The beer prices rise before Chinese New Year and their decline after the holidays is a primary practice for Chinese market. However, the price hike early in 2016 was by 2.07 p.p. higher than at the beginning of 2014, and the price decrease this April exceeded the index of April 2014 by 0.43 p.p.

It is characteristic for the beer market in China that beer in the bottle of 350 ml gets cheaper on the threshold and during celebrations. Thus, the producers of more expensive beer are trying to promote sales of their product.

This year in February and March, prices for beer packed in 350 ml bottle were getting 0.49% lower every month and stabilized at the mark of 4.04 yuan for a bottle in April. At the year beginning the price was 4.08 yuan. For comparison, a bottle of 630 ml cost 4.41 yuan.