China. AB InBev to plan launching new brewery with capacity of 1.5 mln tons in Fujian province

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In Putian City, Fujian province the construction of Ab InBev new project is in full speed. In the nearest future, one of the largest in Asia state of art breweries will be opened in Tianjin Binhai Industrial Park Hanjiang.

In 2006, Fujian Sedrin Company became wholly owned subsidiary of AB InBev. After the main brand output hit 2 mln tons in 2011, it was decided to expand the production. For this purpose, last year, the company started construction of a new project planned for three years. The net production capacity will reach 2.4 mln tons of beer per year. The province authorities intend the new brewery to bring 1.3 bln yuan of taxes annually.

As early as October, the first division of the brewery is planned to be opened, which will allow producing 1.5 mln tons of beer per year.
Besides, Fujian COFCO Can Co., Ltd. plans to invest 600 million yuan to build 2 production can filling lines.