India. Heavy rush at Tasmac outlets

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Crowds at a Tasmac outlet ahead of dry days is not something uncommon.

“This time, however, there is a lot of talk among our customers about what will happen after the elections,” said a salesperson at a Tasmac outlet in Adyar.

As the State gets ready for the Assembly elections, alcohol will not be sold on May 14, 15, 16 and 19.

On Thursday evening, large crowds were seen outside many Tasmac outlets in the city as people went to stock up ahead of the dry days before the State goes for polling.

“Even though the shops will be open on May 17 and 18, many are aware that a ban could happen after the results are out,” said a Tasmac employee. The Tasmac outlets, too, were well-stocked providing a great variety of beers and other liquor.

The rush at Tasmac shops is expected to be more on Friday.

While the AIADMK has promised prohibition in a phased manner, the DMK, PMK and the PWF have called for total prohibition.