Philippines. Bar owners, customers have mixed reactions to Duterte’s liquor ban proposal

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Bar owners and customers in Manila on Thursday described their mixed views on tough-talking mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s plan to have a liquor ban in the Philippines once he becomes president.

Unofficial polls sanctioned by the election commission showed Duterte will be the next president. Official results could take several days, if not weeks, to be announced.

A spokesperson of Duterte told journalists at a news briefing on Wednesday Duterte will be proposing a liquor ban in public areas across the country similar to what he did in Davao.

A bar owner along Manila’s main avenue said Duterte’s proposal will have an impact on the service industry.

“Bars typically run until dawn, so if he proposes a liquor ban, what will happen to us who primarily sell alcohol to people? We are doing legitimate business,” said karaoke bar owner Marivic Ramos.

A sari sari store owner was open to the idea if it will help curb criminality.

“I can agree to the proposal since we need to see some change and it does not really pose a big impact on my business,” said Marilyn Camacho, who sells beer and other goods to customers.

Glen Decena, a resident who observed heavy nightly drinking in his neighborhood, welcomed the proposal.

“I agree since it will limit the excessive drinking. Most of the time, people are drinking too much and are not conscious of their actions,” he said.

Duterte, who has imposed a similar ban in Davao City, hoped to curb down drunk-related incidents as part of his campaign to end crime.

Duterte’s spokesperson, Peter Laviña, said the proposal will need to undergo a comprehensive study and pass a bill to Congress before it will be implemented.