Vietnam. 4 enterprises occupied 88.4% of the beer industry

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In 2015, although the national beer output reached 3.4 billion liters, according to the Association of Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Vietnam (VBA), over 5 years, the growth rate of the beer sector was dwindling rapidly as in 2011 it was 8.5%, and fell to 4.7% by 2015.

Mr. Nguyen Van Vietnam, President VBA said that the largest share of beer production was Sabeco, with output reaching 1.38 billion liters in 2015. Next is the product of Heineken with 729 million liters. Habeco is No. 3, with 667.8 million liters and Carlsberg brands with 229 million liters. Thus, 4 enterprises Sabeco, Heineken, Carlsberg Habeco and occupied 88.4% of the beer industry.

Currently there are approximately 129 breweries with production facilities scale ranging from 50 million liters to 100 million liters per year, as well as two large beer producers: Sabeco with 200 million liters (can be expanded to 300 million liters) and Habeco with 200 million liters per year. The total capacity of the beer industry reaches approximately 4.8 billion liters per year.

Now businesses are focusing their efforts on the season of the year. As the beer business in the North, which is significantly influenced by weather factors, there wil be moves to push the volume of beer consumption to a maximum level.

In the North, Habeco is a manufacturer with many popular brands, such as beer, Truc Bach, Hanoi Beer …, there is fairly wide coverage.