RASTAL wins Red Dot 2016

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image86c9b1The products of the year were awarded at the end of March. With the “Craft Master Two”, RASTAL was able to score with the expert jury and outperform the international competition. The sought-after “Red Dot” award is the highly respected seal of outstanding design quality.

CMTThe Craft beer glasses received the “Honourable Mention” award at the Product Design 2016 Red Dot Award. 5,214 products and innovations from 57 countries were submitted to the international design competition. The jury only awards the “Honourable Mention” to products which are especially well designed and feature very carefully thought-through detail solutions. The decisive factors for winning this award were that the glass is very pleasant to grasp and hold, the authentic taste it ensures and its shapely design. The jury explained its choice by saying that “the overall impression of the beer speciality glass is achieved by its characteristic contours which celebrate the beer’s individual style.” The flow of the drink is designed for sensory stimulation and this is what makes for such an authentic experience. “The faster the beer flows into the drinker’s mouth cavity, the later it comes into contact with the tongue. The beer aromas are taken right to where it matters,” is how Carsten Kehrein explains the principle.

The glass is characterised by its tulip-shaped, slightly contoured corpus.
It’s shape sets the glass clearly apart from the “Craft Master One”. RASTAL has been designing it own glass shapes for years, from tasting glasses to goblet shapes, in order to cater for the unusual beer types and tastes. This is already the second renowned award for the “Craft Master Two”. The Craft beer glasses also received the globally recognised IF Label this year.