China. AB InBev expanded capacities in the regions already developed

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The unfavorable condition of the Chinese brewing industry did not prevent AB InBev from expanding their production as they constructed several new brewhouses in 2014-2015 and started new beer filling lines.

Basing on the messages from the industry sources, we can say that in 2014-2015, the company put new breweries with net capacity of 115,15 mln hl into operation in China. Thus, in 2014 provinces Guangdong and Jiangxi were the major growth points (25 and 10 mln hl correspondently). These two regions accounted for 76% of all capacities launched in 2014. And AB InBev accounts for 20% of beer production in Guangdong and 27% in Jiangxi. In total, during that year, the company put. into operation new breweries with the capacity of 46.15 mln hl.

In 2015, the rates of new capacities introduction accelerated by 1.5 times to 69 mln hl. The industrial hotbed for AB InBev proved to be Fujian province. Here construction of a brewery having a production capacity of 45 mln hl was undertaken in several stages. Virtually, this project was the base for the company expansion as it accounted for 41% of capacities launched over two years.

In Fujian the company already owns two thirds of all beer production in the province, so we can say that AB InBev definitely leads the regional market.

Besides, in 2015, construction of big breweries was started in provinces Heilongjiang and Hunan where the company has 42% and 12% correspondently under our educated estimates. As we can see, every year, the company increases the production potentials not only by constructing big breweries but also by extending their capacity. The provinces where AB InBev is already well represented, namely, Fujian, Guangdong, Heilongjiang, Hunan, and Jiangx, were found the most promising for brewery construction.