New survey shows Russians want traditional Russian beer

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Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) has publicly presented its latest survey data on the demands and aspirations of the local beer-drinkers. The main goal of the poll was to establish what kind of beer Russians would prefer to see in stores, what they think about the nation’s brewing industry, and in what cases Russians deem the consumption of beer appropriate.

Along with the revival of Russian winemaking (76% spoke in favor), the majority of Russians would like to return to the traditions of Russian breweries (58%). At the same time, the very same concepts in relation to vodka and moonshine polled much lower, at just 45 and 26 percent, respectively.

Among the population, the most common statement (opinion) is that most of the beers on the shelves in Russian stores are produced in Russia using foreign technologies rather than the opposite (44% vs. 37% respectively). Meanwhile, 72% of respondents would like to see more of traditionally Russian beer on the shelves, while foreign-born suds is not as popular, polling at only 31%.

35% of Russians believe the most promising area for the domestic brewers is in the revival of Russian brewing traditions. The idea of ​​attracting foreign specialists and using their experience was supported by significantly fewer Russians (11%).

More than half of Russian citizens (53%) consume beer in general. The most appropriate situation for the consumption of this drink is considered to be in social settings (68%). In other cases, the majority of respondents believe beer drinking is inappropriate during: sporting events (59%), Christmas (58%) and various other religious (77%) holidays. 93% unanimously agreed that drinking beer at any time of the day is inappropriate.

A telephone survey poll was conducted upon request of the Private Book Museum on May 31, April 1, and 4 June 4-5, 2016. The survey covered a basic stratified random sample of fixed and mobile numbers with a volume of 1,600 respondents. The selection was based on a complete list of phone numbers associated with the Russian Federation. For this sample, the maximum level of error with a probability of 95% does not exceed 2.5%. In addition, the sampling of error bias in the survey data could have contributed to the wording of questions and the various circumstances that arose in the course of field work.

Let’s talk about the tradition of the manufacture of alcoholic beverages. Now, I will read out the names of drinks and ask you to tell me whether or not to revive the tradition of making this particular beverage in our country. (Close-ended question, one answer per each line,%.)
Rather yesRather noCan’t say


Some believe that the majority of beer sold in Russia is produced by traditional Russian technology, while others believe that foreign. What judgment is more consistent with your point of view? (Close-ended question, one answer,%)
Most of the beer sold in Russia, produced by Russian traditional technologies37
Most of the beer sold in Russia is produced by foreign traditional technologies44
Can’t say19


Now I will list you the different types of beer, and ask you to say if you like or do not to see this beer on the shelves in Russian stores? (Close-ended question, one answer per each line,%)
Rather yesRather noOtherCan’t say
Beer produced by Russian traditional technologies722044
Beer produced by Russian traditional technologies but abroad424837
Beer produced by foreign traditional technologies abroad365644


Beer produced by foreign traditional in Russia3151810


If the direction of development of the industry of brewing in Russia depend on you, what would you do first? (Close-ended question, one answer,%)
The first I would begin to adopt Russian tradition of brewing production35
First would purchase modern equipment for the production of beer16
First would develop unique recipes of brewing and would launch them into production16
Firs would attract foreign specialists and would use their experience and knowledge for the development of the industry11
Can’t say10


Do you drink beer, and if so, how often? (Close-ended question, one answer,%)
All18-24 yo25-34yo35-44 yo45-59 yo60 and older
Several times per week6291071
2-3 per month13172018611
Once in a mo141913181113
Less than once in a mo201822152618
Can’t say100111


Now I’ll read you situations to find out if each situation is appropriate or not for the use of beer in this situation (close-ended question, one answer per each line,%)
Rather yesRather noCan’t say
Meeting with friends68311
The other public holidays (May 1, May 9, June 12, 4 November, 8 March, on February 23)44533
At family events (wedding, anniversary, birth of a child, anniversary, etc.)40582
New Year40582
When watching sports events38593
While the national and religious holidays (Carnival, Easter, etc.)21772
Whenever having a meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner)6931