China. Zhujiang investing 1.8 bln yuan into constructing entertainment complex at old brewery location

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Modern youth of China needs new and interesting places of entertainment. So, by 2019 Zhujiang Brewery (Pearl river) is planning to spend 1.8 bln yuan to construct an entertainment complex at an old brewery location. So how will the youth’s dream be fulfilled?

The floor space of all plants of Pearl river company is 243000 square meters, of which 174000 m2 has been bought by the Chinese government. As a result there is 69000 m2 of land left, which can be used by the company.

Environmental impact assessment shows that these 69000 m2 will be allocated for recreation, shows, and other kinds of entertainment.

The main construction will include:
– Beer Experience Center (beer museum, beer exhibition)
– Headquarters of company Pearl river
– Design and art area
– Company stores of international beer brands.
– Art galleries
– Hotels

The brewery will be transformed into Beer Experience Center.
The former workshop of original packages will be changed into shops which can contain conferences and exhibitions. The malthouse will have a new life of a 10-storied hotel in beer culture style.

The original brewery will be transformed into Beer Experience Center. In accordance to the project, Beer Experience Center of 2660 m2 will become a big exhibition hall on the basis of the old brewery architecture. The exhibition will demonstrate processes of saccharification, fermentation and other production stages. These objects are not used in production, but the exhibition center, photos and video can give visitors an idea on beer production.
The entertainment center is expected to become a new tourist attraction.

Established in 1985, Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Group Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned enterprise which mainly deals in beer and its relative products. In 2002, InBev purchased 25% of shares in the state-owned brewery.