Hong Kong. Want to be a beer judge? HK Brewcraft has the course for you

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We know there’s some pretty serious beer appreciation going on out there but it’s not every day the chance comes along to take beer drinking to a “professional” level. That’s what home-brewing specialists HK Brewcraft are offering with a course designed to put you on the path to becoming a “beer judge”. (Yes, you read that right).

The sessions, which begin on August 18 and run one night a week for eight weeks, are devoted to such delights as malt and mashing, hops, brewing procedures and recipe formation, beer style and judging. Each class incorporates a “tasting exercise”, with pale ales, Belgian beers and hybrids laid on for eager-beaver students to quaff and quantify.

Between homework and quizzes, students will come away with a knowledge of the brewing process and be able to identify the flavours, aromas and ingredients of both well-known and obscure beers.

The course is designed to prepare enthusiasts to sit the Beer Judge Certification Programme’s beer judging examination, which takes place in Hong Kong on October 29. There’s even a mock exam.

The deadline for registration is August 4. Answers on a postcard if you can think of a better way to spend two hours on a Thursday night.