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    • Craft Beer Corner showing a diversity of craft beers
    • Enjoyment and passion the focal point

It will once again be the visitor attraction at BrauBeviale from 8 to 10 November. And a good source of inspiration for restaurateurs/caterers, retailers and brewers: the Craft Beer Corner. This year, even larger and more diverse, it will be presenting itself in Hall 9. Over 250 craft beers from 20 countries will be tasted there every day by beer sommeliers. The success formula for the Craft Beer Corner: the infectious enthusiasm and passion for craft beer with an exceptional flavour. The beer sommeliers, Klaus Artmann and David Hertl, report on their personal experience.
“You anticipate it, then close your eyes and simply just enjoy”, this is how Klaus Artmann, Managing Director of exbierience GmbH, specialized in special beer events, describes the moment of tasting beer. He was already standing behind one of the bars last year in the Craft Beer Corner as a trained beer sommelier. “Don’t get the wrong impression: in contrast to the Octoberfest, here it is about taking just a small sip of each beer and for that reason great attention is paid to we have drunk”, said Artmann. He wishes to familiarize the visitors with the story behind the beer. To this end, he prepares himself well in the run-up to the event. Initially, he obtains basic information from the label and the Internet, then he holds a detailed discussion with the master brewer about the ingredients used, the malt refinement, the hops treatment or the maturing period and ultimately, forms of course his own impression of the special amber nectar. He compares beer drinking with listening to music. “Depending on my mood, I like classic music, rock, folk music, a pop ballad or sometimes even heavy metal. What is important is that it touches me emotionally and is not boring. And that’s how it is with beer too.”
foto-2_200pxhochDuring his tasting and sampling sessions he does not wish to lecture people, but pick up diverse, individual, sensual impressions in an exchange with the visitors and experience the enthusiasm for beer together with them. The exchange with the visitors is important to him and is clearly a fun experience. The right combination of information and entertainment is what characterizes a good beer-tasting session. This was also confirmed to him last year by two master brewers, who secretly mingled with the guests during the tasting session for their beers. “Our beer couldn’t have been any better”, was the unanimous verdict of the two. For Artmann it was the greatest compliment.

Enjoyment all the way – neutral and without selling pressure


foto-3_200pxWhat makes the Craft Beer Corner so special? Enjoying the diversity of the beers, totally free of any official assessment and sales pressure, and the open discussion with beer enthusiasts, brewing artists and all those who appreciate a good craft beer. That, according to Artmann, is the difference to the many Craft Beer Festivals up and down the country. The fact that the beers in the Craft Beer Corner are only presented by neutral beer sommeliers and not by breweries, is also appreciated by David Hertl, who at the age of 26, is one of the youngest beer sommeliers in Germany and an aspiring wine sommelier. This year, Hertl will be tasting particularly high hop-content beers and is already looking forward to perhaps once again getting to know new flavours as well. “Last year, I discovered an Italian Pale Ale with black truffle, which I was so impressed with that I had to brew it myself”, says Hertl recalling the occasion, the trained malt master and master brewer who lives in the Franconian key field, between Nuremberg and Würzburg.

Hand-labelled marshmallow stout and pumpkin beer

foto-4_200pxEach year, in his brewing facility, he produces 44 varieties, in each case only 300 stoneware bottles, which are hand-labelled by his mother Vroni. From the wheat double bock to Black India Pale Ale (IPA), from marshmallow stout to pumpkin beer. This year, he is looking ahead to the Craft Beer Corner with particular excitement. For the first time, he has namely submitted a beer himself, which will be tasted at the specialties theme bar. Not by himself, of course. “This is an ancient German beer style, a “Sauerbier” (sour beer) with salt and coriander, the so-called “Gose”, which was brewed in the early Middle Ages. I have added cucumber to the original recipe and I’m already very eager to see how it is received by the guests in the Craft Beer Corner”, said the amiable young brewer. In order to brew this craft beer and not infringe the German Purity Law, he travelled especially to Prague and then re-imported the beer back into Germany.

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Origins of the craft beer movement

foto-7_200pxCreative beer culture is not only setting the trend in Germany, but also worldwide. Creative beer culture started in the USA in the 1980s. According to a study conducted by US bio-chemical company Alltech, there are currently already 10,000 craft breweries throughout the world. Germany is currently in the top 10 countries, in eighth place, behind the USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Russia, Canada and Switzerland. An increasing number of consumers in Germany are looking for more diverse beer-flavour experiences, with a preference for beers brewed by regional producers using natural ingredients. A survey conducted by the global market research institute Mintel revealed that in 2012 only one percent of beers in Germany was accounted for by the craft beer sector, in 2016 the figure has already risen to 20 percent, in other words one in every five new beers in Germany. Tendency rising.

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Craft Beer Cornermeeting point

foto-6_200pxThe Craft Beer Corner at BrauBeviale in Hall 9 is a popular meeting place for restaurateurs/caterers, retailers, brewers, beer sommeliers and all those who are interested in craft beer with special flavours. Each day, from 10:30, under the instructions of trained beer sommeliers, for example the current German champion Markus Seiler, visitors can taste over 250 different beers from 20 countries at six theme bars. Participation in the tasting sessions is included in the admission charge for BrauBeviale. Also featured here are among others exotic brews such as “will decide later”, Smoky Melon, Killer Cucumber Ale, Mala Vida, Schokobär, Gipfelglück, Franconian Black or – for those that like it a little more classic – Weiherer Weizenbräu, Beurer Urtrunk or Bavarian Craft Bock. Premium spirits such as gins, whiskeys, vodkas, rum or brandies, mainly from smaller producers, will also be available for tasting. A new feature is the craft sessions held in a lecture room in the Craft Beer Corner. Themes include among others Food-Pairing – which beer is suited for which food? – as well as off-flavours in beer. Further information available at