Rastal tests augmented reality

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Smartphone owners visiting BrauBeviale 2016 can gain an insight into a whole new dimension in the product development of RASTAL glasses. The traditional company will reveal the creative process behind 3D glasses in real time.
82c959fa7cab032437d88a9f3e0cf94db9968a787dc5264c29pimgpsh_fullsize_distr“Augmented reality” has long been a hot topic in professional circles. RASTAL is also presenting its concept for the first time at the Nuremberg fair and is introducing two new products to scale and with exceptional realism on a beer mat that the visitor can hold in his hand. This virtual glass can be viewed from all angles, giving the customer a first impression of his glass.

“The new option for the product development of customised glass design should mainly help our customers to give their glass a very personal and unique character,” says Carsten Kehrein, chief designer at RASTAL.

The plan is to use “augmented reality” in the context of design workshops for the development of customised glass design. This option allows the customer to view his individually developed glass design quickly and to photorealistic standards. The visual representation assists in the design process and makes it more efficient, especially in complex mould designs. This is another step into a new dimension for RASTAL.