Craft beer Italy

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The Beviale Family is growing all the time. After Germany, Russia and China, the international network of B2B events for the beverage industry now comes to Italy, helping to further raise awareness of the vibrant world of craft beer, one of today’s hottest trends.

You may be wondering whether Italy really needs another craft beer event.

The Beviale Family network

Craft beer Italy is being founded within the worldwide network of the NürnbergMesse Group, which has built on the experience gained from BrauBeviale to create a series of specialist craft beer events around the globe.

BrauBeviale has now passed its 50th edition and is a benchmark event for the beverage industry. Beer has always been at the heart of the show, and over the last few years the event has responded to the potential and importance of the craft beer movement ever since its embryonic phase, by creating the Craft Beer Corner, where craft beers from all over the world can be tasted, and the European Microbrew Symposium, organised by VLB.

Craft Beer Corner / European Microbrew Symposium

BrauBeviale’s know-how has created, and over the next few years will continue to create, new events to provide reference points for the industry in their respective countries. Exhibiting at Craft beer Italy will give you a place on a global stage.

Germany: BrauBeviale 2016/2018
Russia: Beviale Moscow 2017
Brazil: CRAFT BEER BRAZIL > Coming Soon
The event will be held at Talent Garden Milano Calabiana (TAG), a location of 8,500 square metres just 5 subway stops from the city’s central Piazza del Duomo. It is an innovative, very new venue designed to welcome business people and creative talents from all over the world.