GEA Audits − Transparency for informed decision making

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How to uncover a plant’s potential with functional and mechanical audits for filling block and process equipment

Düsseldorf (Germany), May 3, 2017 – One of the main challenges in the beverage industry is the ability to comply with the constantly changing needs of the market. In any industry, this means continuously improving operations as well as operational efficiency in order to react quickly to demands. Existing product lines may require modernization over a plant’s life cycle – either to enhance production capacity or new regulations may require modernization or upgrading. Changes and adjustments need to be made without compromise on quality, which is paramount in the food and beverage industry.

Finding hidden potential and boost performance

GEA Service offers audits and line improvement solutions that can help customers expand the life cycle of the line by foreseeing issues in advance, increasing efficiency and implementing the latest technologies. GEA Audits help to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies along the line in order to make technological advancement, reduce consumption and optimize customers’ investment plans. Re-configuring the equipment increases efficiency and reduces product losses.

Knowledgeable and experienced service technologists of GEA evaluate the feasibility and benefit of upgrading existing equipment. Providing a broad range of equipment upgrades, GEA improves the performance and prolong the lifespan of customers’ systems. GEAs comprehensive library contains most original documentation along with any updates. A GEA Audit includes three phases, from data collection and preparation of a quotation to on-site auditing as well as data analysis, audit report and making suggestions for optimization.

Upgrades – off-the-shelf or customized

GEA experts utilize proven measurement tools and make both qualitative and quantitative observations to assess the equipment, layout and surrounding environment. The analysis allows them to suggest a recommended plan for improvement. Many upgrades can be provided off-the-shelf as a result of the ongoing progressive evolution of
GEA technology. However, the audits may also suggest more exclusive upgrades, possibly built with new solutions that are not available as standardized upgrades yet but will be specifically designed for the customer.

Improve the life cycle cost of a plant and equipment

To ensure that GEA customers continue to realize the commercial benefits of their investment for many years,
GEA Service provides them a full range of services for the entire life cycle of the plant, from the beginning to extended life services and consulting.

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