Bye-bye biofilm with GEA SAFEXPERT™ program

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Curative or preventive treatment for enhanced quality and productivity for the beverage and dairy industry

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GEA invites beverage industry representatives to visit Hall A3 Booth 313 at drinktec, the leading global trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry in Munich from September 11-15, 2017. GEA focuses on customer needs, including the demand of high quality products due to an absolutely reliable and safe production, flexibility in the face of demand fluctuations, improvements to internal productivity with ever lower operating costs and a sustainable ecological balance. At this years’ drinktec, GEA Service will therefore emphasize the GEA SAFEXPERT™ antibiofilm program for the beverage and dairy industry, ensuring that biofilm is no longer an issue in securing superior product quality.

Enhanced quality and productivity with GEA SAFEXPERT™

Biofilm in the production line is a constant source of product contamination and product loss. By eliminating biofilm, product contamination will not occur and product loss will be reduced significantly, resulting in consistently high product quality. During the GEA SAFEXPERT™ program, the equipment will be screened systematically regarding
biofilms and bacteriological species will be identified. Any biofilms will be removed to enhance the safety and quality of the products. Due to the consistent nominal production capacity, customers will have a high return on investment.

Higher shelf life, less CIP

Since biofilm impacts product stability, GEA SAFEXPERT™ will also extend the shelf life of the products. In addition, biofilm-free production requires less CIP, thus extending production time per line and per day. GEA SAFEXPERT™ investigates the production equipment for biofilm, biofilm-forming bacteria and also the type of contaminating bacteria that usually develops from biofilm, e.g. listeria monocytogenes, salmonella, bacillus cereus, pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Contaminations identified in just a few hours

GEA investigates each line suspected of containing biofilm, according to the assessment. By using a special UV lamp for fast detection and next-generation ATP G2 analysis for verification, contaminated lines are identified in just a few hours. Affected lines are flushed with a patented enzymatic solution that cuts the biofilm open, followed by
removal of the contaminating bacteria with a peracetic acid used as sterilant. After the treatment the systems are being inspected for enzymatic residues.

GEA SAFEXPERT™ Preventive Treatment Performance Contract

A GEA SAFEXPERT™ Performance Contract for preventing biofilm growth ensures that customers no longer need to worry about biofilm contamination in the plant. GEA Service will take care to implement a periodic preventive program tailored to the plant and ensuring a consistently biofilm-free process. The antibiofilm program is reviewed accordingly and a status report will be generated and forwarded to the customer. GEA SAFEXPERT™ keeps the plant and equipment at optimum performance.

GEA’s service staff at drinktec will inform customers about all further options of the service concept “GEA Service – For your continuous success” on the stand.

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