Beer Business #2-2019. Russia: beer market gets more complex

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The trend of complication of Russian beer market is going on and in several directions at the same time. The range has got wider, the import and small segments are growing, namely craft beer, alcohol-free beer and special flavor beer. At the same time, all ex-mega brands and light lagers by Russian brewers are experiencing a decline of their shares. AB InBev Efes, Heineken, MBC and Pivzavod Trekhsosenskiy have exceeded the market, Carlsberg was developing slower than the market and Ochakovo as well as some other mid-sized breweries have been cutting down their volumes. To a big extent brewers’ performance was connected to their ability to reach agreement with networks, sacrifice their margin and enter new markets. Craft brewers are facing a serious danger of producers’ registration introduction – de facto licensing. (more…)

Legal protection of intellectual property objects in craft brewing

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The competition on consumer’s markets, especially in the brewing branch stimulates the search for new technological decisions as well as appearing of original novelties. Successful ideas rapidly attract attention so one cannot forget of legal protection of intellectual property (IP), that is formula, process, brand name and label design. In case of lack of legal protection on behalf of the state, the rights of new development owner can be violated which can lead not only to image but also income loss. (more…)