Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #3-2011

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Analysis of import beer market in Russia Russia as the world importer of beer The development of beer import in Russia Regulation of beer import in Russia Import beer consumers The structure of import beer market Main countries — beer importer Beer from near-abroad countries Beer from Ukraine Beer from Belarus   Beer from the European Union Beer from Czech Republic Beer from Germany Beer from Belgium Beer from Finland Beer from UK Guinness and Grolsch Beer from Asian countries 170 leading import brands: producer, main traders, volumes Rifing: Rise in Profitability of Brew House Works 

Rifing: Rise in Profitability of Brew House Works

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Last two years became «bad times» for brewing industry. First in 2010 excise taxes have been elevated three times. Then 2011 brought federal law 171 on «State Regulation of Production and Sales Volume of Ethanol, Alcohol and Alcohol-Containing Products». The legislative proposal stroke seriously medium-sized concerns and especially small businesses among beer producers. The issue that is still on the table is licensing of manufacture and sales volume of beer. (more…)

Italian beer: a new sparkle

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Italian craft brewers are creating a thriving scene in a country regarded as a beer backwater (more…)