Guinness brings bottled Black Lager to the US

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Guinness Black Lager, tested recently in both Northern Ireland and Malaysia, is the company’s first foray into the craft beer market, with the fabled Irish brewer looking to develop a beer with the taste of a lager and the character of Guinness. (more…)

MillerCoors spent $630K lobbying

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MillerCoors LLC spent $630,000 in the second quarter to lobby the federal government on tax, advertising, agriculture and alcohol regulation, according to a recent disclosure report. (more…)

Tanzania Breweries could pay $22m in beer war

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Tanzania Breweries Ltd, the country’s largest brewer, could end up paying millions of dollars in damages to its rival Serengeti Breweries Ltd over widely publicised sabotage accusations in the battle for customers (more…)

Weak Foster’s results give SABMiller’s offer a chance

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A sustained appreciation in the value of the Australian dollar or the arrival of an aggressive private equity player are regarded as the only factors that might impede SABMiller’s success in acquiring control of Australian brewer Foster’s. (more…)