Brazilian Beer Vendor AmBev Hangs On Amid Rising Costs

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Sky-high grain prices have helped fuel riots and unrest around the world, and have even contributed to the Arab revolutions. But apart from their daily bread, commodity costs are driving up the price of an equally beloved item: beer. (more…)

Ukraine. Obolon starts producing UK beer under license of US Molson Coors

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Obolon Corporation (Kyiv), one of the largest breweries in Ukraine, has agreed with Molson Coors Brewing Company (the United States) on the production of British Carling beer at Kyiv-based plant Obolon, Molson Coors International Director General in Ukraine Oleksandr Kiselev has reported. (more…)

The Road To Market

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Significant speculation in the beverage industry trade press has focused on future mergers or combinations of the major beer and soft drink suppliers, as well as the possibility of large distributors vertically integrating or partnering with major suppliers. (more…)

The Wehring Interview – Heineken – Part I

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This month, we have decided to run The Wehring Interview over two instalments. After all, having waited so long to speak to Heineken’s CEO, I have a lot of questions for him. Luckily, I’ve been granted plenty of time in which to ask them.
Early May. A Thursday lunchtime. London. The CEO of Heineken, Jean-Fran?ois van Boxmeer, is in town to meet up with a Lehman of analysts – yes, that is the collective noun. Prior to their grilling, he’s got me to deal with for an hour, one-to-one, up the Oxo Tower. It’s quite an impressive view of the city of London from up here, right on London’s south bank, but the view is not front of mind for me. (more…)

Peroni Nastro Azzuro Hits The Arequipa Market

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– It’s the second Peruvian city where the brand is released.
– Peroni NA is the international, super premium brand from Backus’ portfolio.
– The beer is imported directly from Italy. (more…)

ThaiBev reports decrease in beer sales volume by 6.1% in first quarter 2011

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Thai Public Beverage Co (ThaiBev) reported the domestic beer market in the first quarter of 2011 was flat as certain customers shifted to consume brown spirits products. Consequently, the overall beer consumption was affected as brown spirits ate in the beer’s market share and created more or less impact to different brands. (more…)