Sweetwater Brewing Plans to Expand

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Atlanta-based Sweetwater Brewing Co. plans to quadruple its beer-making capacity to 400,000 barrels a year with a combination of new construction and the purchase of an existing building. (more…)

Sarmat renamed Miller Brands Ukraine

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CJSC Sarmat, one of the four largest beer producers in Ukraine, has been reorganized as a private joint-stock company and renamed Miller Brands Ukraine, according to a company press release. (more…)

King Beverage to bring Canada’s Russell Beer to US

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Russell Breweries, a producer of premium craft beer in Western Canada, has entered into partnership with King Beverage, a beer distributor in the Pacific North West US, for distributing its beer in the Spokane area in the US. (more…)

AUSTRALIA: AWB 2010/11 barley pools softer in flat market

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Estimated pool returns (EPRs) for AWB’s 2010/11 season barley pools have declined between zero and seven dollars a tonne for most grades, with the larger falls in eastern Australia where there is more feed grain available and costs to execute cargoes have risen, the company reported on Monday. (more…)