This new Bud’s for you – only it’s an American ale

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The beer world is always changing, with new brands coming on the market and big breweries merging with others. But few beer icons have remained as constant as classic Budweiser lager. Original Bud and its sibling Bud Light remain the world’s best-selling beers. Those beers serve a huge market, and the Bud name is the most precious asset of Anheuser-Busch. (more…)

Brewers Association revises ‘craft brewer’ definition

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The Brewers Association, Boulder, Colo., announced its board of directors voted to change its definition of “craft brewer.” The term “craft brewer” now includes any independent brewery that produces up to 6 million barrels of traditional beer. (more…)

US. Surly brews up plan for $20 million expansion

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Already known for making audacious beers, Surly Brewing Co. unveiled bold plans Monday for a $20 million facility that would house a restaurant and beer garden and could make it the biggest brewer in the state. (more…)

US. Beer and politics

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After a grueling day at work or class, many students decide to kick back and relax with a cold beer. The immensely popular malt beverage has always been a favorite drink of the United States, which produces roughly six billion gallons of it annually. Of this huge mass of beer, nearly 80 percent of it is produced by two companies — MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch. What few realize when posting up at the bar and ordering a cold one is how their favorite drink might be affecting the political landscape. Perhaps, some would change their preferences if they were more aware of what goes on behind the scenes in the world of big beer. (more…)

Sri Lanka Cargills to buy brewer

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Sri Lanka’s Cargills Ceylon, which runs the island’s largest retail chain said it will buy a brewery through a new unit for 1,425 million rupees, increasing its food and beverage producing capacity. (more…)