Russian beer market 2020

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In our review we will analyze:

1) The market positions of the major companies and brands in the first half of 2020;

2) Production structure – from craft to federal breweries;

3) The market segmentation by the price and package.

In 2020, the roles of sale channels have changed especially at the draft beer market. The relations with networks have been determined by brewers’ market share fluctuations. The official production and sales have been growing despite substantial decline in Heineken, Zavod Trekhsosenskiy, Ochakovo, and key regional breweries. Instead, the retail positions of AB InBev, small brewers, import and private labels have reinforced their positions.

(more…) digital dialogue platform for the beverage industry goes live!

  • Reading time:5 min(s) read, the digital dialogue platform for the beverage industry’s regular gathering, is now online. Whether you want to network, make new contacts, or exchange knowledge and ideas, you’ll be able to do all this and more on all year round and free of charge, no matter where you are. As a complement to the Beviale Family, which also includes BrauBeviale, the new platform is open 365 days a year, allowing dialogue and knowledge-sharing during and beyond the trade fair as such. During the Launch Days from 10 to 12 November, will also be the virtual venue for the programme originally planned for the BrauBeviale Special Edition. The three-day programme will feature around 100 live talks, presentations and sessions, and is set to attract beverage industry enthusiasts, experts and executives alike to the new platform.


BrauBeviale 2020 Special Edition to take place exclusively in digital form

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Following extensive discussions and critical observation of the current situation, NürnbergMesse, in close cooperation with customers and partners, has decided not to hold the physical BrauBeviale 2020 Special Edition trade fair as planned and to move the program exclusively to the digital world. The reasons for this are the current national and global developments of the corona pandemic, the rapidly increasing number of infections, and the associated massive restrictions on business travel in companies. Exhibitors and visitors will be able to meet virtually all year round on the digital dialog platform, where the extensive supporting program [email protected] will be online from 10 – 12 November 2020. The next BrauBeviale will take place again in 2022 at Messe Nuremberg.


GEA’s green cooling system for ice cream manufacturer Mackie’s

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GEA has signed a contract for the supply of a new, environmentally friendly cooling system with one of the leading British ice cream producers, the Scottish premium ice cream manufacturer Mackie’s. The order is worth around 4.5 million British pounds.


BrauBeviale 2020 – Special Edition: Extensive programme bolsters future viability of sector

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Lectures by experts on current trends and challenges, discussion rounds, tastings in the Craft Drinks Areas, competitions including the European Beer Star, and also the German Beer Sommeliers Championship: exhibitors and visitors can look forward to an extensive programme at the Special Edition of BrauBeviale, scheduled for 10 to 12 November this year. Six lecture stages in the exhibition halls – [email protected] – will provide plenty of space for everything and will combine both in-person and online experiences. Many of the items on the programme contribute to the theme of the future viability of the sector. [email protected] can also be enjoyed online.


GEA Remote Support: New service packages for expert assistance available

GEA Remote Support: New service packages for expert assistance available
The new Eye Wear Package includes specially-designed glasses and provides customers with the freedom to communicate with GEA experts while performing tasks. (image: GEA)
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In a fast-changing world, GEA is committed to maintaining close, even instantaneous communication with customers and helping them navigate the new normal. With GEA Remote Support, GEA experts are instantly available via video, which neither requires pre-installing software nor an updated IT-infrastructure. GEA now offers customers two new service packages providing different types of remote expert assistance, ensuring availability in every situation without compromising safety and security. (more…)