Euromonitor: Japanese Beer Manufacturers Prepare for Potential Change in the Liquor Tax

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For the first time in the last decade, the Japanese mid-priced lager segment posted positive growth in 2015. Although it was only a slight increase, at 0.3% in volume terms, this indicates that Japan’s beer market has started to shift gradually. The category’s growth in 2015 was mainly driven by a successful new launch, writes Euromonitor International. (more…)

Pentair introduces new Keg Monitor

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Pentair has launched the Haffmans Keg Monitor, type KEG 2.0 that offers significantly improved handling through a Windows-based PC-program and simplified data transfer compared to its predecessors and similar products available on the market. (more…)

Myanmar. Carlsberg leads petition against draught beer crackdown

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Representing around 4500 bars and restaurants, Carlsberg Myanmar plans to send a petition to the government by the end of August, in protest against a recent crackdown on serving draught beer without the right papers, a company spokesperson said. (more…)

“place2beer”—drinktec 2017 provides process solutions for “large” and “small” brewers

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The brewing industry is more varied than ever before. On one side, large corporations are increasingly working to establish the beer as the global beverage. On the other side, there are creative craft brewers as well as small- and medium-sized brewers who compete with wine with their specialties not only in trade journals and feature articles, but also in shopping baskets. (more…)