India. United Breweries Holdings Ltd appoints Ajay Kumar Vijay new CFO

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nited Breweries Holdings Ltd (UBHL), the holding company of former liquor baron Vijay Mallya’s UB Group, said it appointed Ajay Kumar Vijay chief financial officer with effect from April 20.
Vijay succeeds Ravi Nedungadi, who retired last month after reaching prescribed retirement age. (more…)

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #1-2016

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Belarus beer market analysis #1-2016

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In 2015, Belarus beer market fell by 9%. However, not all market players incurred losses. In the first place the decline resulted from interest drop to premium Russian brands. They suffered from consumers’ economizing, state regulation and launch of local production. Besides, local brands by Heineken have yielded their positions considerably, as competitors, in the first instance, Krinitsa with private labels and Lidskoe with its version of Zhigulevskoe, started pressing them. Export in 2015 failed to support the beer production dynamics.

Kazakhstan beer market analysis #1-2016

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In 2015, brewers of Kazakhstan cut the production by 3% to 47.7 mln dal of beer. The dynamics of beer production was very uneven throughout the year. The second quarter of 2015 was a disaster for all Kazakh brewers. And in the fourth quarter, in November and December, the production grew unexpectedly. Such fluctuations are difficult to explain with market reasons. That is why we tried to analyze even the impact factors that run beyond the frames of the official statistics.

India. Liquor ban: Why total prohibition will not work in Tamil Nadu

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It is the magic formula – when no party has anything new to offer, it promises prohibition in the state. As the Tamil Nadu General Election approaches, there is not a single party that can expect a comfortable win. The Opposition is fragmented, while the ruling AIADMK has not done itself any favours since the Madras floods. And, so, every campaign speech is rife with promises to ban alcohol in the state. (more…)