drinktec: New ‘Flow’ sets the sector in motion

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The slogan for drinktec is ‘Go with the flow’. It?s a rallying call for all those who want to be part of the global network in the beverages and liquid food industry and be present at its strongest and most go-ahead platform for new business: drinktec. This event, the ‘World?s Leading Trade Fair for Beverage and Liquid Food Technology’, unites the entire sector. It gets things moving, it keeps them going forward, and every four years it virtually re-invents the industry. The fair?s ‘Flow’ visual captures this spirit. Now this key visual has itself been given an update. The new ‘Flow’ will be supporting the marketing campaign for drinktec 2013. (more…)

RASTAL at Brau Beviale 2010

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RASTAL at Brau Beviale 2010
Ideas to make beer even more enjoyable
“Monaco” glasses made perfect for the senses (more…)

The rise and rise of the Indian beverages market

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drink technology India finds fertile soil
India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It has a prosperous middle class, numbering around 300 million, who are oriented towards western consumer habits. The beverages market is profiting from this, and for many years it has been experiencing a unique boom. Already beverages consumption in India is the third highest in the world, after the US and China – and there seems to be no end in sight to this rise. Across all categories of beverages, further increases – some in double-digit figures – are predicted for the coming years. In this land of tea and coffee drinkers, packaged cold beverages in particular have tremendous potential. Rising consumption places demands on corresponding investment on the part of the beverages and food industry. Existing plant and machinery has to be modernised, and new installations set up. It is against this fertile background that drink technology India 2010 is taking place – from 18 to 20 November 2010 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre.


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#3/2010 Beer market of Russia 2010 The brewing industry development and the dynamics of the Russian beer market in 2010 have been considerably different from other regions of Eastern Europe. While the markets of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus started going out of the recession, Russia saw one more curve down and Russian brewing companies have reduced their sales both by volume and by value. There was a detention of recession as negative consequences of the economic crisis were aggravated by a sudden fall of beer affordability. This was caused by excise rate growth which has risen by 200% to 9 rubles per 1 liter since January 2010. Read this article Beer market of Ukraine 2010 In 2010 the Ukrainian beer market has stabilized but the recession changed the sale structure of the leading producers notably. The market has become more polarized and dynamic, we saw new economy and premium brands. The leaders’ reaction to the trends were different which yielded different results, and in general small breweries showed a good sale increase. Read this article Miass Machine-Building Plant: Individual approach and traditional quality Miass Machine-Building Plant was known as a defense industry enterprise before 90th. But the development of mini brewery…