Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #2-2012

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Beer consumption in Russia Introduction General characteristics of beer consumption Rate and frequency Age Gender aspect The Size of Populated Area Incomes and Expenses for Beer The Characteristics for the "Core" of Beer Consumers Places of Consumption Places of Purchase and their Choice. Sale Regulation Occupation Social Adaptation Physical State Craft brewing in Ukraine: 2002 — 2011 Development of small brewing in Ukraine Suppliers of imported equipment Perspectives Catalogue "Craft breweries in Ukraine"

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #1-2012

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Russian beer producers database 561 enterprises Russia: results of 2011, forecast for 2012 Industry and Market in Figures Forecast for 2012 Companies’ Positions Carlsberg Group AB InBev Heineken Efes SABMiller

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #4-2011

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Small Scale Breweries in Russia: projects 2002-2011 Background Economical “portrait” of a minibrewery Projects of equipment importers 2002-2011 Zip Technologies Salm Destila Techimpex JBT Brautechnik Kaspar Schulz Agrometal PSS Svidink Mavim M.B.S. Mini Brewery System MBA 21 Trading B-Kontakt Other manufacturers of minibreweries Ukrainian beer market 2011 Consolidating the progress Market segmentation by price Market segmentation by package The positions of the leading companies   AB InBev   Carlsberg   Obolon   SABMiller Mergers and Acquisitions

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #3-2011

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Analysis of import beer market in Russia Russia as the world importer of beer The development of beer import in Russia Regulation of beer import in Russia Import beer consumers The structure of import beer market Main countries — beer importer Beer from near-abroad countries Beer from Ukraine Beer from Belarus   Beer from the European Union Beer from Czech Republic Beer from Germany Beer from Belgium Beer from Finland Beer from UK Guinness and Grolsch Beer from Asian countries 170 leading import brands: producer, main traders, volumes Rifing: Rise in Profitability of Brew House Works 

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #2-2011

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Ukraine. The Beer Market Analysis Prices and price segments Companies and brands positions The regional picture of beer consumption New horizon of “Miller Brands Ukraine” Barley and malt: review of 2010, trends of 2011 Malt: still at the bottom Barley: waiting for new harvest The leading producers

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Russia: results of 2010, forecast for 2011 Beer production and market in figures Beer production and sales in regions Positions of companies Forecast for 2011 Beer market: interactive review Too much regulation Companies’ activity Estimation procedure Beer tasting in different situations Introduction Part 1. Buyer behavior Part 2. Beer tasting General conclusions

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #4-2010

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Kvass production and market in Russia Read this article (with Google translator) Catalogue of Russian Kvass Producers The leading kvass producers in Russia. Registration data, addresses, management and sale proceeds in 2007-2009. 130 enterprises in list. Central region Northwest region South region North-Caucasian region Volga region Ural region Siberian region Far East region Read this article (with Google translator) International Conference ZIP Brew World 2010 From 15 to 17 of October “Juzovsky Brewery” in Donetsk hosted The First International Conference ZIP Brew World. Brewing experts from Europe and CIS countries took part in the event. Read this article (with Google translator) The Survey of Beer Consumption in Ukraine In August 2010 company GFK Ukraine carried out a comprehensive survey of public opinion and received very interesting to our mind results concerning beer consumption in Ukraine. On the basis of the survey data one can do comparative analysis of consumers by age and gender as well as by the region they live in and the income level. The goal of the survey is to study the attitude to beer and its consumption peculiarities in Ukraine. We publish the presented results unexpurgated. Read this article (with Google translator)

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Beer market of Russia 2010 The brewing industry development and the dynamics of the Russian beer market in 2010 have been considerably different from other regions of Eastern Europe. While the markets of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus started going out of the recession, Russia saw one more curve down and Russian brewing companies have reduced their sales both by volume and by value. There was a detention of recession as negative consequences of the economic crisis were aggravated by a sudden fall of beer affordability. This was caused by excise rate growth which has risen by 200% to 9 rubles per 1 liter since January 2010. The branch economy: dramatic excise change Raw materials markets Market segmentation Beer sorts Companies' positions   Carlsberg   AB InBev   Heineken   Efes   SABMiller Read this article Beer market of Ukraine 2010 In 2010 the Ukrainian beer market has stabilized but the recession changed the sale structure of the leading producers notably. The market has become more polarized and dynamic, we saw new economy and premium brands. The leaders’ reaction to the trends were different which yielded different results, and in general small breweries showed a good sale increase. The market analysis Leading…

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Malt production and market The malt market has seen fundamental changes which was a joint action of many factors first leading to its growth and then to its abrupt collapse. The main tendency of 2008 was development of brewing companies’ own raw materials base and reduction in volumes of malt being sold and bought. In 2009 there were structural changes i.e. the list of the main suppliers became longer and they got more customers. Read this article (with Google translator) Promotion actions of brewing companies In the conditions of market shrinking the brewing companies opted for quite a straightforward consumer enticing i.e. promotion actions. The producers often propose the customers to capitalize their loyalty to beer brands. However what benefit can a promotion campaign give and how do we organize the right promotion? Last year agency Bojole research started a comprehensive research of brewers’ promotional activity. The results showed that the budget of the promotional action plays an important but the decisive role for sales growth. Research director Bojole research Olga Makarova has analyzed the effectiveness of promotion actions carried out by brewers in 2009, and has given several recommendations on promotion action planning. Read this article (with Google translator) Companies…

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Russia. The Catalogue of Brewing Industry Enterprises 473 Beer producers The characteristics of the regions   Central Region  (with Google translator) Northwest Region  (with Google translator) Southern Region  (with Google translator) Volga Region  (with Google translator) Ural Region  (with Google translator) Siberia Region  (with Google translator) Far East Region   (with Google translator)