Territory of freedom. Interview with Andrey Matsola, CEO of “PPB” and Oasis CIS alliance

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The most important event Ukrainian brewery saw in 2012 is assets merging of two independent producers, namely “First Private Brewery” (Persha Pryvatna Brovarnia) and Oasis CIS. Due to restyling of existing brands the joined company managed to substantially reinforce its market positions, having gained 5% of the market. This became possible thanks to capacity growth of Lvov enterprise as well as to utilization of brewery in Radomyshl. In his interview Andrey Matsola told about new conditions and market policy and relationships with the business partners. Corr.: Your alliance with Oasis emerged soon after purchasing Radomyshl brewery, where you had been bottling beer under the contract. Can you name it the main reason for merging on your part? A. Matsola: Actually we have known Oasis group for a long time and have been in contact with its owners. Purchase of Radomyshl brewery took place in 2011, but long before that we had been considering possible variants of cooperation. We saw this purchase as a proof of how strong Oasis’s intentions to enter Ukrainian market were. When owners do not hesitate to make big investments, we become more positive about their intentions and we believe that it is possible and pleasant to cooperate…

Ukraine: upswing of beer brandbuilding

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In 2012 the palette of Ukrainian beer market became much more colorful and interesting. New products «piloted» in Russian beer market were rapidly gaining their market weight at the expense of the old brands. Among the brands launched in 2012 licensed brands, or brands alluding to foreign origin prevailed. Due to them there was a considerable widening of the product range in the upper mainstream and premium segments. By October 2012 the market share of the new brands in the largest Ukrainian cities exceeded 4%, which is not bad at all for a term of one year. Self-Seller American King Some More "Czech Beer" Trying English Junior in the "Che" family Self-Seller Launching of «Zhiguli Barnoye» was supported by one of the quietest marketing activities, but at the same time it was one the most successful in Ukrainian market. The rapid gaining of the brand weight had no correlation either to the distribution level or to the zero brand awareness or to the comparatively high price of this beer. The consumer, on spotting a bottle of «Zhiguli Barnoye», which by the way was not at the foreground, preferred it to famous brands. Maybe Ukrainian consumers knew this brand already? Practically, no.…

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #4-2012

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Expressive Beer  Interview with Eugene Kashper, co-owner of Oasis CIS “Moscow Brewing Company” is a unique project for Russia. Having started its operation in the depth of recession, the company has been demonstrating dynamic sales and market share growth for more than 3 years. In the Central region “Zhiguli Barnoye” has won the leading positions in the mainstream segment and the output volume of “MBC” is too large for the company to be classified as a medium sized producer. But Eugene Kashper prefers to call the company a small one, opposing his business approach to the strategies of market leaders. He believes that Russian brands must have historical, cultural and formula roots in Russia. Thus, when buying “MBC” beer consumers can express themselves and distance from the society of mass consumption. However, the further company development will to a large extent depend on the willingness of retail network to deal with alternative products in the new market conditions. Territory of freedom Interview with Andrey Matsola, CEO of “PPB” and Oasis CIS alliance The most important event Ukrainian brewery saw in 2012 is assets merging of two independent producers, namely “First Private Brewery” (Persha Pryvatna Brovarnia) and Oasis CIS. Due to restyling…

India. Carlsberg brewery in Aurangabad faces dry days ahead

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Water supply to Carlsberg brewery in Aurangabad has been cut, thanks to Maharashtra government’s directive to stop supply of water to breweries and distilleries in Marathwada region, following the extraordinary drought situation prevailing in the area. (more…)

The Second Craft Beer Revolution: Will it Stick This Time?

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It’s hard to believe it’s been 18 years since I attended my first Craft Brewers Conference. At the time I was working for a beer distributorship in Houston, and the management there was just getting interested in crafts and imports. We had just taken on the Celis brands, and as the CBC was in Austin that year, I persuaded my bosses to let me attend. I was the eager young buck, pad and pencil in hand, ready to take copious notes about this burgeoning new beer category and show my superiors that this thing had legs.And indeed, the microbrewery industry, as it was called then, had long, beautiful, tan Cameron Diaz legs. Everybody and his uncle wanted in. The dot-com bubble was just starting to bloat, and the craft bubble was keeping stride. (more…)

SABMiller plc Trading Update

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SABMiller plc today issues its interim management statement for the group’s third quarter ended 31 December 2012 which also represents a trading update for the same period. The calculation of the organic growth rates excludes the effects of acquisitions and disposals. (more…)