Trade Fair Duo drink technology India and International PackTech India on a Growth Course

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The fact that the trade fair duo creates valuable synergies and that its concept is accepted by the Indian beverage and foodstuffs industry is also proved by the impressive figures on the exhibitor side. A 30% increase of space overall, including a 40% increase at drink technology India and a 20% increase at International PackTech India speak for themselves. The increase in space just for Indian exhibitors and branch offices, which were registered as exhibitors, amounted to 35% for both trade fairs. (more…)

US. The Coming Threat to Your Craft Brew

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Over at Washington Monthly, Tim Heffernan has an in-depth piece [1]on a topic dear to my heart [2]: the stunning consolidation of the US beer industry. He points out, as I have before, that two vast, globe-spanning companies, SABMliler and Anheuser-Busch InBev, control 80 percent of the US beer market. Heffernan argues that the two companies have essentially hit a wall in getting much bigger here—consolidation is already so extreme that there just isn’t much more consolidating to do without provoking the ire of antitrust authorities. To increase their profits, he shows, the companies are moving toward a vertical-integration strategy: gunning for control of the distribution and wholesaling. That way, they can grow by extracting more revenue and profit out of each dollar Americans spend on beer. (more…)

Ghana. Accra Brewery Limited Appoints New Marketing and Supply Chain Directors

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Mr. Michael Adrian Norton Olsen and Mr. Richard Edzeame have been appointed the new Marketing and Supply Chain Directors of Accra Brewery Limited respectively, effective 1st November 2012. Mr. Olsen replaces Mr. Philip Norley, who has since left the company, whiles Mr. Edzeame is to take over from Mr. Tony Medway, who departs at the end of the year. (more…)

Kirin Confirms Tender of Fraser & Neave Stake

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–Kirin Holdings to tender entire stake in Fraser & Neave for S$1.9B
–Kirin then aims to buy back F&N’s food and beverage ops for S$2.7B
–Kirin shares fall in Friday trading on fears about additional M&A costs (more…)

Brau Beviale 2012: “sector full of optimism”

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Beverage industry doesn’t allow the good mood to be spoilt
New opening days increase number of visitors to 32,810*
A good 100 participants at first European MicroBrew Symposium (more…)

UK. Banned at home, Pakistan brewery seizes Hollywood moment

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What have Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, underage drinking and Pakistan’s only beer maker got in common?

It was the arrest of the Hollywood stars’ daughter in New York with a can of Murree Brewery’s (MUBR.KA) beer last June that propelled the company out of obscurity and into the spotlight. (more…)