US. Dick Yuengling Rewrites Family History

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When Richard “Dick” Yuengling Jr. first took a job at his family’s brewery as a teenager, his grandfather’s secretary discreetly gave him this advice: “You ought to go out and do something else, because we’re barely making payroll.” (more…)

US. New ‘Sonic’ Will Sell Beer and Wine

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Want a beer with that burger? Sonic Drive-In in Homestead, Florida will soon become the first of the chain’s 3,500 restaurants to offer beer and wine along with bacon cheeseburgers, chili dogs and cherry limeades. City Council members on Wednesday gave the chain approval to serve alcohol at the restaurant, located at 2425 NE Eighth St. in Homestead. (more…)

It’s all but cheers to Foster’s as global beer economics scales new heights

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THE board of Foster’s Group awaits the next move in the multibillion dollar takeover battle for the country’s biggest beer company, two private equity operators are hoping some of the takeover dust comes their way as they crank up the search for a strategic partner for alcopop group Independent Liquor. (more…)

American craft beer: the hippest of hops

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From tasteless mass-produced beers a decade ago, innovative, flavoursome American ales from a thriving craft brewing scene can now be found in the UK. Is this a welcome invasion? (more…)

Domestic beer consumption in Belgium reaches record low in 2010; exports rise

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Beer consumption in Belgium has again declined in 2010. According to figures released by the Union of Belgian Brewers Belgians drink an average of 78 liters of beer per year. This is a decline of 2.8% compared to 2009. In the past 20 years, beer consumption in Belgium has declined by about one third. (more…)