Beviale Moscow 2021 adapts to current situation: new location, new date, new opportunities

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To prepare the best possible framework for staging the event in 2021, Beviale Moscow is relocating to the “Main Stage” event venue in the centre of Moscow. The date of the event for the Russian and international beverage industry has been moved forward by a week and it will now take place from 16 to 18 March 2021. Since its launch in 2015, Beviale Moscow, Russia’s first trade fair for the entire beverage production chain, has evolved into an established, popular, and well-supported event for the sector in Eastern Europe. The trade fair could not be held in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Beviale Moscow is part of the Beviale Family, NürnbergMesse Group’s global network for the beverage industry.


Beviale Mexico 2021 as eSpecial

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Beviale Mexico 2021, Central America’s first beverage fair for the entire production chain, which was scheduled to open its doors from 2 to 4 March 2021, will now take place online as an eSpecial in March 2021. To make it easier for industry professionals and other interested parties to take part while continuing their everyday business, the event has been staggered over three dates. On 16, 23 and 30 March 2021 the online platform will offer live activities like presentations, seminars, and discussion panels, which can also subsequently be downloaded on demand. The networking platform including all features and services will be available to the industry over the entire period.


GEA VARIVENT® secures stable plant operation, adaptable to demand

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For process operators, changes in the use of their plant always entails greater failure and error risks. The GEA VARIVENT® valve portfolio ensures stable plant operation with robust technology, efficient automation and well-positioned service, supporting such important production sectors as the food, dairy and beverage industries. Nearly inexhaustible options for adaption and expansion offer all users the appropriate scope for action whenever necessary. This enables companies to counteract restrictions, bottlenecks and market fluctuations even in the current pandemic situation and keep their processes competitive.


Ukrainian beer market 2020

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The natural volumes of beer production and sales have remained almost unchanged, yet in monetary terms the market stopped growing because of promotions and inexpensive brands growth. Unstable retail operation as well as COVID-adjusted behavior of consumers had different impacts on brewers. Yet in general, the negative effect was inverse to the scale of their activity. Thus, the leading threesome kept stable due to mass inflow of beer lovers to supermarkets. As the situation was difficult to foresee, the output dynamics of certain companies seriously differed from their sales in retail. The leaders’ positions were much influenced by promotion that was aroused by higher practicality in consumers. Almost all regional brewers incurred considerable losses at the years start because of unstable work of special beer shops. Craft brewers found themselves in the most difficult situation. The segment of beer in kegs and glass bottle that partially “flowed” to PET and can, decreased significantly.


Swedish whisky producer optimizes brewing process with technology from GEA

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Swedish whisky producer Agitator Whiskymakare AB chose key GEA technologies for its new mash house, namely the GEA MILLSTAR® and GEA LAUTERSTAR®. These machines increase the yield from the raw material and shortens the brewing cycle. A decisive factor in the selection process was GEA’s global brewery experience.


Russian beer market 2020

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In our review we will analyze:

1) The market positions of the major companies and brands in the first half of 2020;

2) Production structure – from craft to federal breweries;

3) The market segmentation by the price and package.

In 2020, the roles of sale channels have changed especially at the draft beer market. The relations with networks have been determined by brewers’ market share fluctuations. The official production and sales have been growing despite substantial decline in Heineken, Zavod Trekhsosenskiy, Ochakovo, and key regional breweries. Instead, the retail positions of AB InBev, small brewers, import and private labels have reinforced their positions.

(more…) digital dialogue platform for the beverage industry goes live!

  • Reading time:5 min(s) read, the digital dialogue platform for the beverage industry’s regular gathering, is now online. Whether you want to network, make new contacts, or exchange knowledge and ideas, you’ll be able to do all this and more on all year round and free of charge, no matter where you are. As a complement to the Beviale Family, which also includes BrauBeviale, the new platform is open 365 days a year, allowing dialogue and knowledge-sharing during and beyond the trade fair as such. During the Launch Days from 10 to 12 November, will also be the virtual venue for the programme originally planned for the BrauBeviale Special Edition. The three-day programme will feature around 100 live talks, presentations and sessions, and is set to attract beverage industry enthusiasts, experts and executives alike to the new platform.