Paulaner Brewery focusing on expansion

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Brau Holding International (Paulaner Brewery), the strongest association of regional breweries and one of the largest brewery groups in Germany, has made some adjustments and adapted its structure, organization, and strategy to the market conditions. (more…)

Cobra beer posts inaugural profit

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Cobra beer announced its first ever annual profit on Monday and said it will nearly double marketing spend this year to grow sales. (more…)

Why beer giants are scrambling for Nigerian market

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It is doubtful if many local industry players knew for a long time that the beer market in Nigeria is a robust one. All that was apparent was the presence of two major players, Nigerian Breweries Plc and Guinness Nigeria Plc, and a number of fringe players doing business in the sector. (more…)

Sweetwater Brewing Plans to Expand

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Atlanta-based Sweetwater Brewing Co. plans to quadruple its beer-making capacity to 400,000 barrels a year with a combination of new construction and the purchase of an existing building. (more…)